This is your captain speaking

with nothing other than a list of fun shit to check out

Hello, my precious subscribers. I apologize for the delay… I was being held hostage by the Netflix original that is Tiny Pretty Things…. If you love high school TV you’ve got to add this to your holiday binge-watch list. When you’re done hmu and we can take this offline to discuss my newfound affinity for ballet, Chopin, and wrap tops. 

I’m going to keep this short because I want to finish reading Tiny Weirds by Jenny Slate + watch the sequel to After tonight (mentally I’m 15). 


This “How Bad is Your Spotify” generator used A.I. to roast the living shit out of me. 

For Christmas, I gifted my friends used i.e. “vintage” (as the kids say) books like the cheap non-believer I am. As you know, I’m going to be digging really deep into my crunchy-granola-support-small-businesses-but-use-amazon-affiliate-links ways next year and this is the first step. 

Public is a cool new app with a shiny interface if you’re looking to get into the stock market. Don’t tell my mom but I invested a decent amount of money into Crocs stock this year, aha. 

This sense of sense monthly calendar is a nice tool to get your mental shit together.

This virtual exhibit lets you explore the costumes in both The Crown and The Queen's Gambit.

This FREE printable adult coloring book was made for cheap people with expensive taste. 

If you’re looking to expand your horizons I stumbled upon a donation-based virtual nude sketching class. Just email to attend her Sip ’n Sketch 'n Zoom (I haven’t attended yet FYI).

Date night idea: get high and stream these on the big screen.

Right now I’m paying for the Forward Space virtual dance hub and I’m obsessed with their workouts. Going to try Y7 yoga’s 7-day free trial next.

This podcast episode was super inspirational and perfect for ringing in the new year. 

I made both soup AND roasted cauliflower this week. Chef’s kiss with tongue!!