imagine your card declines at the bookstore

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Hey everyone!!! Missed me? 👉👈 Life has been go00oo0d lately, but where does one even begin… with a list of course!!

The best + worst of August/September:

Moved to Austin for the month of August which was a lot more fun than I had anticipated. We really utilized our time there and managed to do something exciting each day. Feel free to call me an Austin native as I murmur things like “what starts here changes the world”

Got laid off… yikes!

Binged all three seasons of Selling Sunset #davina #sucks

Had my roof cave in lol

Went on one whole (safe) date

Spent a week in Colorado with my favorite human beings

Sink or Swim = Cry for home daily or adapt. Personally, I enjoy shocking my system by intentionally throwing myself into new situations with new people. Haters will say she loves the chaos. While I adapt quickly I’m always in a perpetual state of mourning for all the prior iterations of life that came before. Constantly simping for someone or something — my parents, college, my high school friends, and now places like ladybird lake or estes park. Everything boils down to opportunity cost - each “cool” experience I add to my belt means one less month at home with my aging parents. The idea of being a nomad speaks to me until I sit down and calculate all of the things I would be leaving behind.

But truthfully, I’m a little bummed to be back home in the suburbs. Not worrying about transmitting COVID to my parents at every waking second hit different. Also, I really like who I am when living on my own. I feel happier, more in control of my emotions and less reliant on others. While leaving means disregarding all of the roots I’ve put down, I think it’s about time I face my fears. Economics be damned.


BARELY read this past month because I was too busy goofin’. However, I did manage to finish uncanny valley which really opened my eyes to the toxicity of the ever-glamorized silicon valley. Halfway through Man’s Search for Meaning which has been sad but enlightening. Thinking of reading Untamed next. Any recommendations?

Virtually shop till you drop

These super comfortable biker shorts that don’t restrict your breathing the way some leggings do

Sweater vests are super cool right now so I purchased five

Shoutout to Kiki for getting me into Sagrada - a strategy board game that activates big brain time

Disposable film cameras for fun photos like these

Amazon affiliate links were used. Don’t tell Sana.