I'm a popstar

but this shit ain't bubblegum

Hi guys! I’m actually quite excited to be back here with you on the interwebs. I’ve spent the majority of my weekend on tik tok and my brain is very mushy right now. “A lot of you guys have been asking…” how I get everything done and I’m here to share my secrets will all 6 of you. I like to pretend that I’m a ~ chill vibes only: palo santo for breakfast, vibes for dinner 😗✌️ ~ person but in reality, I’m veryyyyy type A. Not a moment goes by where I’m not planning something in my mind — bachelorette hashtags for my friends (who are not engaged), Airbnbs to stay in if I were to ever go to Vail/Cabo/Palm Springs, and detailed logistics for my wedding (I am single). Everyone talks up “chill girls” but true chill can only be achieved by thoughtful organization or weed. 

And because of D.A.R.E. I would never condone the latter, which is why I present to you this habit tracker © created on Google sheets for free. This is just an example so feel free to play around with it and remember to only track what matters the most to you. I update mine a few times a week and it’s a low-pressure way to stay focused on your personal KPIs (the rumors are true I was a business major). Happy Hannukah folks!

Terminal illness movies

This week I dedicated 2 hours to watching Clouds on Disney+ and it was a melodramatic nightmare. As a terminal illness movie pundit, I expected better. If you are looking to add some tearjerkers to your watch list look no further than: 

The Sky is Pink

5 Feet Apart


And as always, remember not to get attached to the main character! 

Iman also thinks sometimes

Zayna Thinks posted this list on how to nourish ourselves and I took NOTES. This is what I’m looking forward to this week: 


The new Taytay album was FINE. Folklore was a ten… evermore is a 7? I’ll revisit the album when I’m heartbroken. I’m sure it’s hitting for the emotionally unstable. 

Here’s a new playlist I’m really proud of

And here’s a random assortment of songs I’m listening to this month

My chaotic nice cream recipe

In a food processor blend together: 

1.5 frozen bananas

A splash of oat milk

A spoonful of cookie butter

1 piece of Nestle Toll House cookie dough (microwaved for 15 seconds)

And top it off with some pomegranate seeds! You are welcome!