apropos of nothing

yet here we are

I’ve been hiding from all of you because I don’t want to *tap into my feelings*

So I won’t! Instead, I’ll leave you with this — the word oomf. Does anyone else remember logging onto Twitter and boldly tweeting “I freaking hate #oomf” as if that was a healthy approach to dealing with anger? I think about my oomfs a lot.

newsletters that are far better than mine

Gossip Times for those who love hot celeb goss

Hung Up by Hunter Harris for those who enjoy laughing

Maybe Baby by Haley Nahman for those who enjoy overthinking

Cheryl Strayed for the Pisces

H. Medium for the wannabee art buffs

numb yourself with media

Fate: The Winx Saga — live! action! fairies! I cried real tears (I’m unstable) when I found out Netflix was recreating the Italian cartoon from my youth. 

Sylvie’s Love was a sweet romance movie on prime. The Duke of Hastings makes an appearance! 

Obviously, Bridgerton.


Free relaxing forest sounds because there’s nothing like swapping out your benzos for the sound of a monkey ooo-aaahing in the distance 

Rummikub is my new favorite game

IYKYK on Google Chrome you can assign your tabs to a labeled group! Just right click then press add tab to new group 

I wrote this piece on activewear #ad #sponsored #by #myself

A new social network for film reviews just popped up 

Speaking of new social networks... Has anyone figured out clubhouse yet? I have 3 invites left if anyone wants to present me with a bribe

questions to ask yourself

  1. What surprised you most about yourself this year?

  2. What surprised you most about others this year?

  3. What will you remember the most about 2020?

  4. Which routines of yours changed in 2020? Which stayed?

  5. What are your hopes for 2021?