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On this week's episode, I have a question: are all of you as mentally drained as I am? I’ve been hesitant to write because I don’t have anything revolutionary to say. I write professionally so my mind refuses to allot any creativity for side projects (excuses, excuses). I think this Ramadan x Quarantine collab is really getting to me. 

In other news, I am now officially a year older AND wiser depending on who you ask. Big thank you to my best friends for showing up outside of my house to celebrate me amidst a pandemic. #Blessed for not only the sheer quantity of friends I have but the quality of them as well. Most of the people in my life have been around for so long that I forget what it’s like to have to perform for newcomers. I’m still just as close to my high school friends today as I was ten years ago. To be fair, it’s hard for the group chat to die when you need to discuss the latest pregnancy scandal or engagement announcement.

I think that’s why dating as a concept makes me uneasy. You mean to tell me I have to spell out what makes me... ME?! I’ve been speaking freely for so long that the other day I told a boy on hinge that going on a virtual date with him would be “a nightmare and a half.” 

Being ripped away from everyone has been a true test and some days I would describe quarantine as my own carefully crafted hell dimension /: Missing everyone /: Even the side friends /: 


My sister made me watch Outer Banks with her on Netflix and it was the best ‘hot teens go on a treasure hunt’ show I’ve ever seen. Personally, I enjoyed Never Have I Ever but am willing to hear out the diaspora politics. To stay in the loop, I started the Michael Jordan docuseries and shockingly love everything about it. In ‘dad movie’ news I would recommend Ford Vs. Ferrari (10/10). Both Moneyball and Michael Clayton were overrated movies. Inception, on the other hand, deserved it’s 87% RT score. 

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Do you know your creative type

Harvard presents Islam through its scriptures while I present to you my superiority complex.

Free 15 min ab workouts on YouTube.

$$ Bills Y’all 

After an hour of reading reviews, I purchased this Burr grinder to further my craft.

You need to add a scalp brush to your routine!!!! They are the most affordable, yet beneficial way to stimulate the scalp and distribute product. 

This vanilla F-Factor fiber/protein powder is delicious. Far superior to anything I’ve ever tried before.. and this is coming from someone who once tried custom protein powder. Whisk a scoop into your morning coffee for an instant vanilla latte.

Ordered this Revlon hot brush per Zayna’s recommendation. 

Call me woo-woo but every morning I sniff orange essential oil in the shower for energy x positivity. 

Instagram Crushes

Religiously watching their Instagram stories has contributed to my worrisome screen time: 





@leandramcohen (specifically her Abie tribute)






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